This is why Lord Shiva is also called Mahakaal…!!!!

Various characteristics of Lord Shiva

Without doubt, Lord Shiva is the most fascinating God-head in Indian philosophy. He is so graceful  variety of people towards him. For a matter of fact, he is called Raudra and Bholenath at the same time


I feel Lord Shiva is the least demanding in the meantime most-troublesome Godhead to satisfy. He resembles the  mother who likes to test the assurance and commitment of her kids.

Beyond kaal

Kaal means  time. Because Lord Shiva is believed to be existing before the beginning of time, he is called Mahakaal. Another name for this characteristic is Kalateet, which literally means beyond the concept of time.


Among many of his names, he is called Mahakaal. This name has many interpretations and legends associated with it. In common parlance, whoever is beyond time and death is called Mahakaal. Lord Shiva, according to various stories, have transcended both and therefore is the worthy bearer of this name.

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