108 names of Lord Shiva and their meanings.!!! A must read for all Shiva followers..!!!

1.AashutoshOne Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
3.AkshayagunaGod With Limitless Attributes
4.AnaghaWithout Any Fault
5.AnantadrishtiOf Infinite Vision
6.AugadhOne Who Revels All The Time
7.AvyayaprabhuImperishable Lord
8.BhairavLord Of Terror
9.BhalanetraOne Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
10.BholenathKind Hearted Lord
11.BhooteshwaraLord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings
12.BhudevaLord Of The Earth
13.BhutapalaProtector Of The Ghosts
14.ChandrapalMaster Of The Moon
15.ChandraprakashOne Who Has Moon As A Crest
17.DevadevaLord Of The Lords
18.DhanadeepaLord Of Wealth
19.DhyanadeepIcon Of Meditation And Concentration
20.DhyutidharaLord Of Brilliance

21.DigambaraAscetic Without Any Clothes
22.DurjaneeyaDifficult To Be Known
24.GangadharaLord Of River Ganga
25.GirijapatiConsort Of Girija
26.GunagrahinAcceptor Of Gunas
27.GurudevaMaster Of All
28.HaraRemover Of Sins
29.JagadishaMaster Of The Universe
30.JaradhishamanaRedeemer From Afflictions
31.JatinOne Who Has Matted Hair
32.KailasOne Who Bestows Peace
33.KailashadhipatiLord Of Mount Kailash
34.KailashnathMaster Of Mount Kailash
35.KamalakshanaLotus-Eyed Lord
37.KapalinOne Wears A Necklace Of Skulls
38.KhatvanginOne Who Has The Missile Khatvangin In His Hand
39.KundalinOne Who Wears Earrings
40.LalatakshaOne Who Has An Eye In The Forehead

41.LingadhyakshaLord Of The Lingas
42.LingarajaLord Of The Lingas
43.LokankaraCreator Of The Three Worlds
44.LokapalOne Who Takes Care Of The World
45.MahabuddhiExtremely Intelligent
46.MahadevaGreatest God
47.MahakalaLord Of All Times
48.MahamayaOf Great Illusions
49.MahamrityunjayaGreat Victor Of Death
50.MahanidhiGreat Storehouse
51.MahashaktimayaOne Who Has Boundless Energies
52.MahayogiGreatest Of All Gods
53.MaheshaSupreme Lord
54.MaheshwaraLord Of Gods
55.NagabhushanaOne Who Has Serpents As Ornaments
56.NatarajaKing Of The Art Of Dancing
57.NilakanthaBlue Necked Lord
58.NityasundaraEver Beautiful
59.NrityapriyaLover Of Dance
60.OmkaraCreator Of OM

61.PalanhaarOne Who Protects Everyone
62.ParameshwaraFirst Among All Gods
63.ParamjyotiGreatest Splendour
64.PashupatiLord Of All Living Beings
65.PinakinOne Who Has A Bow In His Hand
66.PranavaOriginator Of The Syllable Of OM
67.PriyabhaktaFavourite Of The Devotees
68.PriyadarshanaOf Loving Vision
69.PushkaraOne Who Gives Nourishment
70.PushpalochanaOne Who Has Eyes Like Flowers
71.RavilochanaHaving Sun As The Eye
72.RudraThe Terrible
73.RudrakshaOne Who Has Eyes Like Rudra
74.SadashivaEternal God
75.SanatanaEternal Lord
76.SarvacharyaPreceptor Of All
77.SarvashivaAlways Pure
78.SarvatapanaScorcher Of All
79.SarvayoniSource Of Everything
80.SarveshwaraLord Of All Gods

81.ShambhuOne Who Bestows Prosperity
82.ShankaraOne Who Gives Happiness
83.ShivaAlways Pure
84.ShoolinOne Who Has A Trident
85.ShrikanthaOf Glorious Neck
86.ShrutiprakashaIlluminator Of The Vedas
87.ShuddhavigrahaOne Who Has A Pure Body
88.SkandaguruPreceptor Of Skanda
89.SomeshwaraLord Of All Gods
90.SukhadaBestower Of Happiness
91.SupritaWell Pleased
92.SuraganaHaving Gods As Attendants
93.SureshwaraLord Of All Gods
95.TejaswaniOne Who Spreads Illumination
96.TrilochanaThree-Eyed Lord
97.TrilokpatiMaster Of All The Three Worlds
98.TripurariEnemy Of Tripura
99.TrishoolinOne Who Has A Trident In His Hands
100.UmapatiConsort Of Uma
101.VachaspatiLord Of Speech
102.VajrahastaOne Who Has A Thunderbolt In His Hands
103.VaradaGranter Of Boons
104.VedakartaOriginator Of The Vedas
105.VeerabhadraSupreme Lord Of The Nether World
106.VishalakshaWide-Eyed Lord
107.VishveshwaraLord Of The Universe
108.VrishavahanaOne Who Has Bull As His Vehicle